Employee Assistance Program

The sudden, overwhelming stress of traumatic events can produce harmful emotional and physical responses in even the most level-headed employees. Mind@Work Psychology provides organisations with expert trauma counselling to help deal with events and issues that can lead to lasting psychological and medical problems that affect workplace performance.

In the event of a critical workplace incident, Mind@Work Psychology can arrange for a qualified therapist who specialises in critical incidents to be on site as soon as practicably possible.

We are experienced in responding to a range of critical incidents including: Workplace bullying and harassment; abuse and conflict between employees or customers; workplace injury; the suicide of a co-worker or colleague; bomb threats, sabotage or arson; emergencies such as fire or other disasters.

With the support of our critical incident support and trauma service, your employees can quickly get back to performing at their best again. We provide psychologist-led Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to staff and managers going through times of difficulty.

Mind@Work Psychology located in Bellfield on the outskirts of Ivanhoe, Preston and Heidelberg have practitioners who are highly experienced and understanding in helping people through these types of situations.

For personal and workplace trauma counselling, including sexual abuse counselling, make an immediate booking with Mind@Work Psychology by calling (03) 9440 9886 or email info@mindatworkpsychology.com.au today.

We also have a team of conflict resolution psychologists and workplace bullying counsellors and can help you delve into the psychology of corporate coaching.