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Mind@Work Psychology

335 Bell Street
Bellfield Victoria 3081

Fax: 03 8669 4368
Phone: 03 9440 9886

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Recovery-Focused Counselling Psychologists in Bellfield and Northern Melbourne Suburbs

Mind@Work Psychology serves the northern suburbs in Melbourne with the belief that everyone deserves the best life possible. Our clinic was established with the aim of providing a diverse range of psychological services to the community of Bellfield and neighbouring suburbs. Our services include treatment for anxiety and depression, couples therapy, PTSD, drug and alcohol counselling and parenting support.

We also offer group therapy and coaching services. Having extensive experience in the unemployment sector, we work with Job Active Providers and Disability Employment Providers to address barriers to employment.

Serving Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs

Mind@Work Psychology brings to Melbourne’s northern suburbs professional counselling, life coaching and child psychology services. Despite our clinic being located in Bellfield on the outskirts of Ivanhoe, Preston and Heidelberg, our help is available throughout Melbournes’ Northern Suburbs. We also cater to clients in:

  • Northcote
  • Thornbury
  • Bulleen
  • Bundoora
  • Preston
  • Coburg
  • Heidelberg
  • Ivanhoe
  • Eaglemont

Our Philosophy

We believe in psychology as a way of life and an essential component in achieving good mental and physical health. We start from the premise that we are all human, fallible and most of us need some help and support at some point in our lives. We value imperfection and difference, it's what makes individuals unique and interesting.

Mistakes are regarded as essential to growth and wisdom and should be approached with light-heartedness and humour, if possible. Every emotion is valid and should be felt fully. A person is not their diagnosis or the label that others may have imposed, and recovery is always possible.

The Mind@Work Team

The Mind@Work Team provides Bellfield with caring, supportive and professional counselling and coaching services. All our mental health psychologists are nationally registered and are experienced in different fields of psychology.

Emma Clarris

Principal Psychologist

Erica Patrick


Kate Baxter


Teresa Maiolo

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Amy Shah

Provisional Psychologist

Andie Singh

Provisional Psychologist

Compassionate and Non-Judgemental Counselling

Mind@Work provides counselling services in Bellfield. Our counsellors can assist you with any issues or problems causing you stress, worry or concern. Our psychologists can help you with family and relationship issues, eating disorders, social and emotional difficulties, the death of a loved one and other difficulties. Aside from providing a safe environment where you can express your thoughts without judgement, our counsellors can assist you with coping strategies. You can come to us for individual, couple and group counselling.

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A Safe and Supportive Environment

Mind@Work Psychology is a high-quality psychology clinic located in Bellfield, in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Our counselling provides a safe and supportive environment to help work through issues in a safe and friendly way. We can help with the following:

Why Choose Mind @ Work Psychology?

Mind@Work Psychology provides a welcoming environment that focuses on client relationship rather than a diagnosis. We are:


We provide an alternative approach to common interventions.


Making our clients comfortable and secure is a priority.


Our psychologists are nationally-registered and offer a combined experience of 44 years.


We believe in everyone’s ability to overcome obstacles and flourish.


Be able to express your worries without judgement, unsolicited advice or criticism.

A passion for psychology


Please do not attend appointments in person if you are unwell with flu-like symptoms, even if you think it is just a cold.

We have implemented extra hygiene and social distancing measures to minimise the risk of virus transmission. We also request that you help us with this by observing the recommended hygiene practices of regular hand washing, cough/sneeze etiquette and social distancing.

However, if you are concerned about this, or are symptomatic and not able to attend in person, you can still have your appointment via videoconferencing or telephone.

Please email or call the clinic before your appointment if you wish to use telehealth, so that we can send you the secure link to your session.

Kind regards,
Mind@Work Psychology
(03) 9440 9886