Anger Management

Everyone at times experiences anger, from mild irritation to extreme rage. Sometimes, however, anger starts expressing itself in detrimental ways such as shouting, throwing and breaking things or causing self-harm and help with anger management is often necessary.

Anger management counselling with a psychologist can assist in dealing with any unresolved issues which lead to explosive outbursts and behaviours. Working on the root cause will always assist overcoming the symptom.

Some people justify venting anger as better than bottling it up, however if we do not have the right tools to manage our anger, it can actually intensify rather than diminish these feelings. This can lead to damaging verbal and physical encounters, anxiety, depression and even substance abuse. Never expressing or internalising your anger can be equally unhelpful.

Learning how to manage anger starts with acknowledging its existence and understanding its causes. This knowledge allows the development of ways to handle it and communicate feelings in a non-threatening way. Mind@Work Psychology has highly experienced and qualified psychologists to assist people with anger management issues. We can help you better understand what triggers anger and assist you to moderate and channel it appropriately.

We can also help with a range of issues requiring a psychologist including anxiety treatment and counselling and a child psychologist from our team can help children and teenagers.

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